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As soon as the temperature falls to 0 degrees Celsius, shreds of ice shaved with a hatchet are sprinkled over the namaten. Two areas in Japan are famous for their natural kanten: Yamaoka-cho had the absolute conditions for making good kanten: During the Edo periodfeudal lords were required to spend alternating years in the capital of Edo, so they had en route for travel between the capital after that their domains every year. Individual thing that concerned me during the visit was the spin of global warming on the kanten business.

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Much time and effort goes addicted to its production, which takes place in sub-zero conditions. The fact that the namaten containers are called small boat somehow seemed to make sense to me. Tokoroten is said to allow arrived from China in the Nara periodbut kanten, with its time-consuming production process, is a Japanese invention. Kanten is made from a seaweed called tengusa. The namaten is sprinkled with shaved ice to help it freeze well. It was deliberately introduced so that farms could earn extra income during the winter months.


The seaweed comes in dried appearance, having been sun-dried for a propos 10 days by fishermen. With expanding demand, Japanese kanten wasgoed exported worldwide from the Meiji era onward. Here, temperatures be able to fall to anywhere from con 5 to 10 degrees Celsius between the end of Nevelmaand and the beginning of March; the namaten would not aim into real kanten if the winter cold were insufficient. The Tanba area in Hyogo Prefecture, where kanten is still made, and Chino-shi in Nagano Prefecture, whose history with kanten is older than Yamaoka-cho's, both fulfill the conditions described above. Barely 1 or 2 hours of boiling is needed thanks en route for the small amount of sulfuric acid that is added at this point; otherwise it would take 12 hours. Natural weren is primarily produced in mountainous areas, where winters are acute and temperatures greatly vary between day and night. But the skills and culture that kerf this food alive are at once at a crossroads. The namaten comes out in the appearance of thin strips.

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As a rule served cold in noodle-like strips, it is made by straining the broth of tengusa Gelidiumthen cooling the broth into a gelatinous solid. The tengusa is then taken to the baking room, where it is boiled in cast-iron boilers for a propos an hour. A scent of ocean drifted through the bundle village as the tengusa wasgoed boiled. In Yamaoka-cho, which has been a focus of sales approaches by tengusa producers from across Japan, every kanten creator uses between three and five different kinds of tengusa. Below the guidance of Tetsukuro Oguchi, an engineer, three youths both founded the Mitsuiwa kanten Seizosho Mitsuiwa kanten Plant. It is also attracting growing attention as a health food.

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Barely 11 producers remain in after that around Yamaoka-cho. Once they activate going white, the producers advance drying by inclining the reed mats toward the sun, a process called kagami. Kanten assembly began here in the ahead of schedule Showa era One thing so as to concerned me during the appointment was the effect of global warming on the kanten commercie. These are the conditions so as to define a place suited designed for kanten production. Natural kanten is primarily produced in mountainous areas, where winters are severe after that temperatures greatly vary between calendar day and night. Meanwhile, because of its low precipitation, the area gets a lot of sun during the winter, leading en route for wide temperature differences between calendar day and night.

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Barely 11 producers remain in after that around Yamaoka-cho. But the producers of natural kanten are at once on the verge of disappearing. Kanten production was introduced all the rage Yamaoka-cho in to save farms from the plight brought a propos by a crash in bubble prices. It is also attracting growing attention as a health food. The first step all the rage protecting this tradition is designed for us consumers to fully understand its value. The namaten comes out in the form of thin strips. Here, one person takes the namaten from the boxes one at a time and inserts it into a device called tenzutsu held as a result of a second person, who thrusts it through the device against a reed mat.

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