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Yu tells them that it's denial longer Himeya. Komon wondered why his colleagues at NR reacted strangely to the name, above all Nagi. Feeling confined by the academy rules that accommodate the children of PP, not having seen the outside world after that his time running out, Ren flees to Japan. It exists to measure the three close rule of using the Meta Field.

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The final stage was Nexus: This is the first time Boss Wakura knows Himeya is Ultraman. His Dunamist turned out en route for be Ishibori, his past body expressed here. Yu tells Yuichiro if it's because someone has just hacked their database after that deleted the Himeya file.

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When they meet Komon and Nagi who want to save her, she instead protects Mizorogi. Although fighting under Nexus' mantle, Ren provided the Ultra with Junis Blue, a speed-oriented form designed for upper advantage against the Beasts and was assisted by the original Mephisto in fighting the latter's successor and clone, Dark Mephisto Zwei. Komon did not become captivated by darkness. Ren also appears because he is worried about Mizuo, but he is pressed by Mephisto. Komon was surprised to see so as to one day Riko was hurt in the woods and carried Nagi's relics.

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Komon then tells Ren about the previous dunamist, he does not want Ren to suffer the same fate and die akin to Himeya. SB has not bot defeated while Ultraman was hurt and disappeared, and NR took the initiative to find them. On the other hand, the Mizorogis again do evil deeds. All who see it be able to only startled.

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From her talks with the highest council of TLT, she reveals a that five years abt in Shinjuku, the first Ultraman appeared and fought against the first SB causing the death of people. Komon also had the opportunity to ask Boss Wakura about the relationship between Nagi and Mizorogi. June The TLT is a covert international anti-monster unit established secretly en route for combat Space Beasts, mysterious monsters that are out to attack humans in the year Contained by the Meta Field, Nexus is bounded to the three close rule before he begins en route for lose his strength. However, he again became a monster of Mephisto. Yu warns Himeya so as to if he continues to argue in that condition, he bidding be killed. But this time the TLT confronted them without any further buzz from the public, followed by a concluding narrative of the Komon.

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