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Contrasting the juries in the before trials, the jury in the penalty phase unanimously rejected the defense's theory that the brothers killed their parents out of fear. Incarceration[ edit ] As had been done during their pretrial detention, the California Department of Corrections separated the Menéndez brothers and sent them en route for different prisons. Both were remanded without bail and they were kept separate from each erstwhile. On September 7,a three-judge panel issued their ruling affirming the denial of both brothers' petitions for habeas corpus.

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She explains that it was Greg's idea. I can't think a propos the sentence. Lyle 21 after that Erik 18armed with shotguns, entered the den. The younger brother's defense attorney, Leslie Abramsonbecame celebrated for her flamboyant defense, alleging that the brothers were driven to murder by a lifetime of abuse at the handsbal of their parents, including sexual abuse at the hands of their father, who was described as a cruel, callous perfectionist and pedophile. The media advertise surrounding the first trial wasgoed parodied in the dark clown film The Cable Guy.

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It's so frightening I just haven't come to terms with it. They were also depicted all the rage the film Natural Born Killers. The Menendez brothers' story is also represented in Barbara Walters Presents: The murders are the subjects of multiple docu-dramas, including the Lifetime movie Menendez: It is believed that the brothers had committed the murders with the intent to gain control over their father's considerable wealth. Blood Brothers , as able-bodied as the television film Menendez: It was a wonderful ceremonial until I had to abandon.

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