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Dat geeft hen het nodige zelfbewustheid. And in those early being they helped cement the Japanese brand as a manufacturer of some of the most correct watches in the world. The calibre 9S not only incorporates cutting-edge technologies, like MEMS — which employs advanced semi-conductor manufacturing techniques, producing lightweight parts with an extreme precision that measures to tolerances of a thousandth of a millimetre — but it then pairs them with the sort of traditional craftsmanship so as to sees each gear tooth accurately hand-polished to ensure minimal abrasion for better timekeeping and an increased lifespan of every component. Hi-beat movements have been a part of the Grand Seiko catalogue since nearly the beginning. And that amazing attention en route for detail is ever evident at this juncture.

Steel Born Met Buttplug Nepbont Van Metaal Stainless-65694

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