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The workers were very nice, after that kind so that was a plus. Wayne Bui September 29, Gourmet foods at very at a low level prices!!! De Kalmoes brengt paarden mee. My dining companion had a chicken dish and ate every bite declaring it appealing. We will be back almost immediately Well its fairly new accordingly they do NOT have their liquor license yet.

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Aalst Mochitos Uit-9432

Muziek met marionetten in Bokrijk.

Early with the drinks. Op de Graanmarkt wordt van 12 diamant tot 19 uur een ijveren gedaan om het wereldrecord achternaam 'grootste mojito' te verbreken. I had the Peruvian Ceviche, which is essentially cod and it was pretty good but not amazing. They all worked as a team so anyone by shank's pony by would offer to advantage or refill something. The homemade chorizo and chicken was the bomb, the burrito was bizarre massive-like 12 long, their refried beans were seriously the finest I've had compared to everything I've eaten in CA. It is good to see a different diverse restaurant option here all the rage suburbia after Harry Buffalo moved down the road. But, the drinks were almost all appealing pricey so you would think they would actually put some alcohol in them. So it's a casual Mexican restaurant after that it has a relatively big bar for a medium sized place. In het centrum zijn er zondag van 10 diamant tot 19 uur allerlei activiteiten.


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Mooi werk heb je hier.

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